Concepter HQ, Inc

до 20 спеціалістів

The Concepter is an award-winning product design and engineering studio. We help customers to build products that maximize the impression on people and minimize the impact on the planet.

20+ Products. Est 2013. 1M+ Product users.

We are designing sophisticated tech products that people love to use while keeping sustainability in mind.

We invent own products and help entrepreneurs craft their ideas into design-driven businesses, turning on the best marketing techniques powered by a strong technology stack.

Red Dot Design Award
Red Dot Design Award
Best of CES
Best IoT by Clutch
Best Design by Clutch

Product Strategy
Industrial Design
Mechanical Design
Electrical Engineering
Embedded Development

Some of the products we’ve built:
Nect, Nuca, iGlam, iBlazer2, Cardiomo, Jetbeep