Competera is a 🇺🇦 Ukrainian AI-powered company helping retailers to set optimal prices. We change the way retailers do pricing with Big Data and Deep Learning to help them compete with giants like Amazon and Walmart.
12 вересня 2023

Middle Data Scientist


We are now looking for a Middle Data Scientist to change the way we deliver our solution to customers. Competera uses Big Data and Deep Learning to change the way retailers do pricing. We are known for both cutting-edge math ‘under the hood’ and for deep expertise in the pricing domain.

What you will do:

— Handle DS operations: metrics, model tuning/retraining, dataset preparation, feature engineering, and working with existing clients’ models
— Design and run market tests for new clients: select A/B groups, estimate model impacts, etc.
— Work with business consultants and analysts to make data-driven suggestions to customers in the pricing area
— Automate and template the repeatable tasks in collaboration with platform developers

Starter-kit needed to join the board:

— 2+ years of proven commercial experience (at least 1 year in the role of DS)
— Core Python 3
— SQL (experienced user: CTE, window functions)
— Solid math background (Computer Science-related education is preferred)
— Scientific Python toolkit (NumPy, pandas, Scikit-learn, Keras / TensorFlow, or PyTorch)
— Solid understanding of ML model validation and monitoring approaches
— Understanding Time Series Forecasting approaches
— Intermediate+ English

Pleasant extras:

— Experience in the retail or marketing domain (as a DS worked with tasks for this domain)
— Statistical testing experience, A/B testing
— Proven graduation from ML/AI MOOCs (Coursera, etc.),
— Participation in ML competitions (i.e. Kaggle)

Let’s price the world together!