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CompassNet: CompassNet is a team of recruitment professionals hiring for the fintech, payments, financial services, and digital commerce space.

CompassNet is the recruitment arm for various global Fintech Projects:

Paymentwall is the leading global payments platform, allowing 5 billion people to make payments with credit cards and 150 local payment methods all over the world. We solve payment problems of large-scale companies with technology and we enable payments for end-users all over the world. We help over 200,000 merchants, including SEGA, LG Electronics, Bandai Namco, Shopify, Kakao Games, Kigo, Wargaming, Tencent, and Gameforge to expand globally.

Website Link: www.paymentwall.com

FasterPay: FasterPay is an E-Wallet solution that helps businesses expand globally and allows customers to store and manage funds digitally. FasterPay gives customers the ability to complete online payments for goods and services from websites and mobile apps around the world.

For more information, visit our website: www.fasterpay.com

Terminal3: Built for game developers who want to sell globally — Terminal3 offers 150+ local payment methods, a customizable shop builder and much more.
For more information visit our website: www.terminal3.com/en

Passport.io: Passport.io is a verification service used both by businesses and customers. With its help, businesses can integrate a KYC solution into their services.
Passport.io helps to reduce the level of fraud that companies experience across different industries. The Passport.io team checks the data provided by users to verify legitimate customers. This way, business owners can prevent unauthorized and fraudsters making fake purchases, hence, securing their services.

For more information visit our website: www.passport.io