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COMPARUS.UA We are Ukrainian-German team of professionals working in Dnipro since 2008. Our extensive and advanced skills give us possibility to provide complex innovative IT-services for European financial sector.
27 марта 2020

UI/JS Software Engineer

Днепр $500–2000

Необходимые навыки

— Good commercial experience in frontend development for web-applications
— Commercial experience in HTML, CSS, Sass/Less, Bootstrap 4, responsive markup, JavaScript, TypeScript, Git, NPM
— Understanding of OOP principles, client-server architecture, REST;
— Strong experience in Angular 2+
— Good organizational skills
— Level of spoken/writing English Intermediate/B1+

Будет плюсом

— Angular Material, RxJS, SVG, node.js
— Expirience in creation of different charts, diagrams etc.
— Understanding of J2EE backend principles and processes
— Be ready for trips abroad (Munchen/Hamburg, Germany)


— enough work for all team players
— you can make your work interesting, we promote that
— cutting-edge technologies are welcome in our team
— we will try to motivate you as much as we can if you need that
— we know, that developers love hardware, we will try to make you happy with your working place
— friendly-professional atmosphere in a team, we like to work together :)
— there is no 9–18 schedule, unless it is adequate
— you can enjoy your vacation in the same way and amount as most of your friends
— when you are sick, we are sad with that and of course compensate it as working time


— Develop code
— Fix bugs which you’ve done
— Fix bugs of your colleagues
— Refactor your code
— Refactor colleagues’ code
— Fix bugs again
— Deliver needed functionality at planned time

О проекте

Our projects:
Great online banking system in production (online bank services shop) with perfect UI is used by ~800 German banks. This system is the internal product of Feducia GAD company. The main goal of the KundenFokus project is the creation and improvement of modern, convenient and attractive web-products for the banks.
Customer: representatives of German financial branch www.fiduciagad.de/startseite.html
Project management framework: SAFE www.scaledagileframework.com