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ComboApp Group is a full-cycle communications and marketing solutions provider for a global mobile marketplace. The agency is made up of three units which include ComboApp Consulting, ComboStore and GoWide.

ComboApp Consulting is a global mobile marketing and communications source aimed at supplying guidance and complex assistance to companies who develop and promote their mobile apps. We provide clients with everything from creative development — to — product/campaign strategy and analytics — to — media placement and traditional public relations campaigns. This includes identifying target markets, validating concepts, shaping business models, qualitative research, data analysis, preparing the app launch and more.

ComboStore is a “one stop checkout”, mobile app marketing super-store designed to help app owners and mobile developers leverage every dollar of their marketing budget to provide the most targeted, effective results possible to amplify the promotion of their app in the mobile ecosystem. The goal of the ComboStore is to level the marketing playing field, providing even those with a tight budget with the promotion tools required for success.

GoWide is a global mobile ad platform enabling businesses to run effective cost-per-mobile app downloads and mobile CPA campaigns based on its own proprietary technology of programmatic media buying. Its unique algorithm — consisting of aggregation and the inventory of mobile web and in-app publishers — allows dramatic optimization of ad operations and lowers media buying costs for advertisers.

ComboApp offers challenging tasks and projects, professional & personal development, competitive salary and benefits package, regular performance reviews, English classes, professional seminars, corporate events and team buildings.

ComboApp invites you to join our friendly and creative multinational team.

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