We’re COI.UA. We Create, Optimise, Integrate. We do marketing, design, software, writing and imagining. To work with COI means to breathe life into your business, and work for COI means to go beyond clients’ and partners’ expectations.

We develop:
• Web. Flexible online stores, attractive business card sites and concise landing pages.
• Branding concepts. For making long-lasting, stable, positive impressions on your customers.
• Marketing strategies. Effective and outstanding advertising programs.

We brand:
• Design. Stylish, appealing and of the highest quality.
• Texts. Unique and aiming straight at the target audience.
• Social Networks. Precise and relevant SMM and analytical strategies with great conversion.
• Companies. From the scratch to the whole.

We value professionalism, curiosity and being proud of impeccable work. We have our advantages. We know our weaknesses. And we can turn our weaknesses into advantages, when needed.

No, we are not almighty. But we always do more and better when it comes to work. For us, it’s the only way of getting the job done.

Visit us on coi.ua and let’s turn ideas into reality together!