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COI marketing & software

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О компании

Team of smart pros with brains and ideas outside the box. We look for decent challenges, strive for valuable knowledge and inspiring projects. Taking everything straight on, we evolve and make really cool things in both IT and marketing fields.

We develop:
• Desktop. Precise, utilizable and secure software.
• Mobile. Handy, comfortable apps on-the-go.
• Cloud. Complex and versatile solutions for big data and huge enterprise or scientific research projects.
• Web. Online, flexible, attractive sites and landing pages.

We brand:
• Design & Photos. Stylish, appealing and of the highest quality.
• Texts. Unique and aiming straight to the target audience.
• Social Networks. Precise and relevant SMM and analytical strategies with great conversion.
• Companies. From the scratch to the whole.

We value curiosity, professionalism, straightforwardness and being proud of impeccable work.

We Create, Optimise, Integrate.

Visit us on coi.com.ua