1 лютого 2021 21:25

Mahsum Akbas, Software QA Test Expert в Consultant

Codify was my first company in Ukraine. It was great team, great colleagues and incredible experience. Open communication, transparency, supporting each other, knowledge sharing and building team soul are major principles and attitude of the company. Colleagues in project were cool, great and impressive people.
Management team consists of open mind and experienced people. Josep(CEO and also still coding in project) open for any idea, suggestion related with any project, company or career. It is not important small or big idea, everyone is ready to listen you and to take action. I know it because i did it! I was working as QA and then i “proposed” to work as PM and it is accepted :)) In Codify, things are very fast (No traditional bureaucracy).

From career & techical side, they try to build really state-of-art products and using up to date technologies and approaches. Knowledge share sessions in project and inter projects are holding regularly. Also, not technical sessions also HR provides several motivation sessions to support of Life-Work balance and to improve motivation.

As overall, it was great experience for me and I am really thankful to everyone in company. I “have” great friends in my life now :)

Підтримали:  Iryna Zavtonova Joseph Roash


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Mahsum! Thank you so much for your warmest feedback.
It was a pleasure to work with such a great professional like you.
We are missing you and hope that you will come back soon.