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Харків, Таллінн (Естонія)

Codica is a full-cycle software development consultancy, helping clients build awesome web products from scratch. We specialize in custom online marketplaces and SaaS products, starting from MVP to full-featured product development.

Some facts about us:
✔ We are fans of Ruby and Javascript.
✔ We focus on Ruby on Rails, NestJS, React, TypeScript and Next.js.
✔ Usually, our projects are full-cycle, from the client’s idea to a working solution.
✔ We don’t do outstaffing. Instead, we create our products in tight cooperation with stakeholders.
✔ We use Agile approach, and our employees are divided into teams. These are small enough to be mobile, managed independently of each other and comfortable to be part of.

Why join Codica?
✔ You will have the opportunity to actively participate in each project discussion, suggest new technologies or your own way to implement a new feature.
✔ We value each team member and do our best to help them develop professional qualities, and make sure that everyone has interesting and challenging tasks to work on.
✔ You will get competitive compensation, which is revised regularly.
✔ Our management is professional, friendly, open to suggestions, and always looking for ways to improve our working processes and conditions.
✔ We do not just hire someone who will have the required skills — we hire people who will become an important part of the team, who will share our values and spirit.

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