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Codeska covers a full cycle of development, starting from the draft of our customers` idea up to the full release and support of functioning products. We use the web, desktop, and mobile technologies, Data Science, and Machine Learning to make the Logistics industry to be more effective than ever before.

Our services include:
+ Digital Advisory
+ Software Engineering, Design and Usability
+ Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
+ Quality Assurance
+ Integration and Support

Founder Andrew Lander has 10 years of experience in maritime logistics: ship operations and chartering, port forwarding, and agency services in the Black Sea, Mediterranean, and Atlantic regions. He consulted and transformed traders to change their processes from FOB to CIF trade, getting experience in multimodal logistics.

After a decade, he felt how much the industry is struggling without proper digital transformation and invested in different IT startups. Two years after, Andrew founded his own company Codeska and started to work with their first product dedicated to ground container transportation.

At the moment, Codeska successfully developed four own products and has created a pack of special software for the shipping, freight forwarder, and survey companies.

If you read up to this line, please drop us a line at [email protected], and we will discuss any of your ideas!

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