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Киев, Ужгород, Бишкек (Кыргызстан), Remote from anywhere

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Who we are 💁‍♂️

• We are Human-to-Human company, not just B2B or B2C
• Our mission is to connect clients with the best IT talents for life. We believe that trusted relationships between the client and team are essential for a great performance
• Codemotion history was started with 3 friends and now we have almost 100 Ninjas in our family to rock that market
Trailer youtu.be/r9zXegFNId0

Values ❤️

• People and relationships
• Both-ways responsibility
• Constant growth
CEO about our values youtu.be/k4ERiGTGLHEyoutu.be/wAGjE33FMgg

Our principles 🤝

• We don’t just code, we solve business needs
• K.I.S.S. (not a band -> approach)
• Сommon sense
• Win-Win decisions
Codex goo.gl/iystn1

What our clients say 😎

🥇 We are officially TOP 1% Elite agency on Upwork with $7,000,000 earned www.upwork.com/ag/codemotion (Expert-Vetted badge)
🏆 Upwork Awarded Best Agency 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine in Web & Mobile Development www.upwork.com/blog/upwork-awards-ukr
⭐ Clutch 4.9 stars clutch.co/profile/codemotion

Follow us 👉

• LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/codemotion-llc
• FB www.facebook.com/codemotion.ninja
• Instagram @codemotion.ninjas

If you are tired of being a pawn in a system, join us and become a part of our Codemotion Human-to-Human Team of Professionals

Вакансии Codemotion

Оценка компании: 96/100

Проголосовали 32 сотрудника
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