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8 июня 2021 Первая работа

Proof Engineer

Киев is starting several potential projects related to formal verification of computer software. Our vision is that in the near future formal verification of mission-critical software will be as standard as QA testing. This area is still in early stages, but there are sufficient amount of tools and techniques produced in academia which we want to try to apply to practical, real-world problems.

We are looking for a proof engineer to work in our team.
The perfect candidate should have:

— A BS, MS or Ph.D. in Computer Science or Mathematics

— Background in areas of Programming Languages, Logic, Static Code Analysis, Abstract Interpretation, Proof Assistants, SAT/SMT Solvers or Functional Programming

— Experience with Functional Programming (OCaml, Haskell)

— Ability to write mathematical proofs

The ideal candidate should be able to do independent research, reading research papers, trying various experimental software systems. You will need to learn new programming languages and tools by experimenting, reading books and taking online courses if required. Good English comprehension, quick learning and information research skills are critical.