We are a team of developers with over 15 years of experience building, maintaining, and scaling applications.
21 березня 2024

Senior Golang Developer (вакансія неактивна)

віддалено $3000–6000

We seek a seasoned senior Golang developer, available part-time (2-4 hours daily).

About the Project

We are developing a custom proxy application for our web application. The service is somewhat similar to CloudFlare, intercepting the traffic and routing it based on the client and request type.

The proxy is already built and spinning in production for a limited group of users. We have ongoing support and features that need to be implemented.

To give you an idea of the tasks we currently have:

  • on-the-fly data compression
  • support for HTTP v3
  • implementation of different caching strategies

The service is hosted on AWS. The deployment is configured via GitHub. We also use Terraform to simplify our multi-region deployment. Any experience in this field would be extremely useful.

AWS Instruments we use:

  • ECS with autoscaling and a network load balancing
  • ElastiCache Redis
  • Global Data Store for multi-region replication
  • Global Accelerator for fast edge-location routing
  • CloudFront
  • S3
  • EC2
  • CloudWatch


  1. Strong understanding of the Go tech stack
  2. Experience building in highly concurrent environments
  3. Experience with network protocols
  4. Understanding of HTTP/TCP protocols
  5. Decent level of English so you can communicate with the team in written and spoken English


This will be a part-time job as we do not have enough tasks to keep you busy full-time. Though there’s a good potential for this to go full-time with time. The mentioned salary is based on a $50/hour rate considering 60-120 hours per month.

We use time trackers such as Hubstaff or Upwork.