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Київ, Дніпро, Братислава (Словаччина), Будапешт (Угорщина), Бухарест (Румунія), Варшава (Польща), Любляна (Словенія), Прага (Чехія), Софія (Болгарія)

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CNA IT is committed to elevating the quality of recruiting services both for clients and candidates.

As a part of the CNA International franchise, our business has an extensive network worldwide that gives us a competitive edge in market intelligence.

We currently source and recruit in 42 counties.

Key facts about CNA International IT:

— 7 years on the market
— 50+ long-term clients
— 140 000+ candidates in the database
— 15 000+ C-level candidates in the database
— 720 closed positions, 100+ for C-level

Client geography:
Ukraine, Canada, USA, Africa (Кenia, Nigeria), Austria, Greece, India, Izrael, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Armenia, France, Ireland, Norway, Great Britain, the Philippines, Bulgaria, Chech Republic, Switzerland, the UAE etc.

Phone: +38 (044) 337 09 85
Email: [email protected]


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