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Київ, Лондон (Велика Британія)

24 серпня 2023 18:55

Eugene Rusin, Full-stack developer

I’ve spent 4 years with the CML team as a full-stack developer and team lead. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to grow my hard and soft skills. The supportive project managers and a positive, skilled, collaborative team have made this a rewarding experience.

The projects were built using modern technologies, free from legacy issues and significant technical debt. This allowed me to engage with current technologies and tackle challenging problems.

The company also allows developers to change their technology stack and assist them in mastering it. I personally preferred to delve deeper, but there were developers on the team who successfully took advantage of this opportunity.

If you’re considering the CML team as an opportunity, it’s a great choice. They offer an exciting mix of interesting projects, a great team culture, opportunities for personal growth, and, of course, regular salary reviews


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