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Київ, Лондон (Велика Британія)

4 червня 2023 7:00

Marianna Shamonina, QA в CML team

I have been working at CML Team as a QA for a year, which has been an excellent opportunity for my growth. The company has well-established processes that I have experienced since the first interview.
I initially joined as a Web Application QA Engineer intending to learn how to test web applications and further learn automation testing.
Despite the challenging circumstances of the Russian invasion, the company provided me with a learning plan, additional materials, and time to learn. This support has been invaluable to me.
I am impressed by the dedication of the development team to quality, and I want to highlight that there are no disagreements between QA and Dev, which is sometimes seen in the industry.
Everyone is focused on achieving the ultimate success of the projects, and the management actively seeks ways to help each team member reach their full potential.


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