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Київ, Лондон (Велика Британія)

11 травня 2023 17:31

Yurii Palei, Fullstack Software Engineer в CML Team

Here, I always have an opportunity to take on challenging and responsible tasks. I’m working on a fintech project with cutting-edge technologies, and being involved in that project that provides valuable experience and evokes a range of emotions is truly rewarding. One of the standout aspects of this company is the flexibility it offers. There is no pressure to work on weekends, and time is not meticulously tracked. We operate in an agile manner, allowing for autonomy and self-driven initiatives, which demonstrates a high level of trust in the team and fosters an engaging work environment.

I cannot emphasize enough the value of the team. The colleagues I work with are exceptional individuals who are always ready to offer guidance and lend a helping hand. They genuinely listen to your problems and wishes, making every effort to address them effectively.

The company’s proactive response to challenges is commendable. When issues arose with the electricity and internet, they swiftly resolved them by equipping not only the office with backup systems but even providing individual setups for each developer ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Overall, CML Team provides plenty of opportunities for continuous skill development, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Based on my experience, I highly recommend this company to my friends and acquaintances.


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