Clovertech is a fast-growing company in the Software industry, which took a mission to develop solutions and entertainment content that will enlarge it. Clovertech was founded in 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs with a proven track record in the software products industry.
16 декабря 2021

Senior Front-End Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Who we are?

Team of friends and key IT specialists in entertainment and game dev industries.

What are we building?

Single-sourced, multi-branded, highly customizable and configurable, performant, and SEO-optimized entertainment B2C platform, using best CI/CD and DevOps practices.

Your Responsibilities

Join the Front-End team which is building a flexible user-facing Portal with games integration, as well as Headless CMS for Platform Operation. Participate in architectural decision-making and build the platform together with a team of trusted professionals. Be the key who will drive development in the most best-practical way to create the most enjoyable product for customers and witness the rise of the top industry-leading entertainment platform ;)

  • Create rich and complex SPAs (Portal website with games integration, Headless CMS).
  • Full development cycle (from accepting technical requirements — to delivering changes to production, including all the fun stuff of CI/CD like unit-testing, code review, and feature toggling).
  • Take full responsibility and drive optimization/refactoring projects targeting branding and scaling, performance, quality, development speed improvements for aforementioned SPAs.
  • Closely communicate with designers, BA’s, and product managers, provide the best solutions, and influence the product.
  • Take one of the leading roles in organizing corporate Web Dev League to share knowledge and Web Dev news and enforce professional growth.

Your Qualification

  • Work experience with commercial projects over 4 years (specially high-loaded ones).
  • Experience in front-end development targeting mobile and desktop browsers on different devices.
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript Core, ES6+, HTML5, CSS3.
  • React/Redux/Next.js/Apollo/Material UI/Jest ecosystem knowledge and experience.
  • Functional and Reactive programming experience.
  • Experience with real-time data processing and transformation.
  • Experience in code performance analysis.
  • Proven experience in tests creation and other CI/CD practices.
  • Experience with Nginx, Docker.
  • Experience in code review, refactoring, team mentoring, cross-team communication skills.

Nice to have

  • Experience in applying multi-branding concepts for a single cross-platform product.
  • Experience in Node.js, Strapi, Apollo Federation/Apollo Studio, MobX, Protobuf, Immutable, Lodash, Storybook, CSS-in-JS,, Rushjs, or similar monorepo solutions.
  • Experience in, GitLab, JIRA, Confluence.
  • Experience with Jamstack.
  • CI/CD processes implementation, experience with BDD and test automation.
  • Experience in Kubernetes, AWS, CDN/Cloudflare, experience in introducing DevOps and DevOpsSec culture in the company.
  • Experience in SEO and performance optimization.
  • Experience in Webpack, pnpm.

Soft skills

  • Mentoring and knowledge sharing skills.
  • Сommunication skills.
  • Ability to maintain written communication in English.
  • Be ready to take responsibility for your technical decisions.

What do we offer?

We offer many job perks as well as fantastic team culture. In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to work in the gaming industry with one of the top teams in the sector. You’ll get the chance to grow as a professional as well as the opportunity to invest in your educational growth.