CLOVER.TECH Clovertech is a fast-growing company in the Software industry, which took a mission to develop solutions and entertainment content that will enlarge it. Clovertech was founded in 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs with a proven track record in the software products industry.
8 июня 2021

Senior JS-Automation QA


Необходимые навыки

-4+ years’ experience of automation testing;
-Experience in creation/execution of test documentation (checklist, test cases);
-Understanding of Continuous Integration principles;
-Understanding of micro-service architecture;
-Excellent knowledge of HTTP/REST, GraphQL (Postman/Fiddler/Charles, GraphiQL);
-Experience with testing of Web or API applications (or both);
-Experience in regression testing;
-Principles of automation testing; used patterns and best practices;
-Understanding of XPath/CSS locating strategies;
-Experience with web-automation on JavaScript/TypeScript;
-Good experience with any of Selenium-based automation testing framework ( or -Cypress or Playwright.
-Experience/Ability to drive automation testing;

Будет плюсом

Nice to have:
-Experience with Node.js, npm.
-Experience with React applications;
-Experience with CI tools (GitLab, etc).
-Experience with mobile automation (Appium);
-Experience with setup an automation framework from scratch.
-Experience with browser DEV tools (Redux)
Soft skills:
-Knowledge sharing abilities
-Сommunication skills
-Automating vision
-Written English


We offer many job perks as well as fantastic team culture. In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to work in the gaming industry with one of the top teams in the sector. You’ll get the chance to grow as a professional as well as the opportunity to invest in your educational growth.

Our benefits:
-Competitive compensation reward;
-Private medical insurance after trial period;
-Modern and convenient office in close proximity to the metro;
-Friendly working environment with high-level professionalism;
-Paid vacation and sick leaves;
-Corporate events and team buildings.


Team of friends and key IT specialists in entertainment and game dev industries.
Single-sourced, multi-branded, highly customizable and configurable, performant, and SEO-optimized entertainment B2C platform, using best CI/CD and DevOps practices.

Join the Front-End team which is building a flexible user-facing Portal with games integration, as well as a fully-fledged Back Office for Platform Operation. Hurry to participate in architectural decision-making on tech-stack and build the platform basis from the ground up together with a team of trusted professionals.

-Create and introduce a company-wide e2e testing approach
-Participation in development and delivery of testing including functional testing, integration testing, and -regression testing as well as e2e testing;
-Automation test-case creation and execution;
-Preparation of testing result reports.

О проекте

We are a team of experts in the entertainment and game development industries that takes a mission to develop unified software platform solutions and entertainment content that will expand its borders worldwide.