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22 грудня 2021 15:22

Kateryna Nalbadian, Senior Director of Customer Support and Billing в Cloudbeds

I’ve been with Cloudbeds for over 5 years now and it’s safe to say it’s the best place with the best people that I have worked with in my career. What makes it so great?

The main thing — it’s culture. I really feel that the company cares about me and, in tern, I care for it.

On top of that — flexibility. Cloudbeds is well known for being a remote first company but that goes beyond just working from home — management cares about your wellbeing, that includes great benefits package such as paid leave, sick days and access to learning, coaching and mindfulness tools.

Last but not least — growth opportunities. If you are hard working and want to grow — you will. I have experienced these growth opportunities first hand but I’ve also seen how colleagues around me have developed.

I can go on about it, but to sum it up: If you want to be part of a big international family and be proud of what you do — join Cloudbeds!

Підтримали:  Liz Osovskaya


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