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Дублін (Ірландія), San Diego (USA), São Paulo (Brazil)

3 серпня 2019 15:52

Ivan Kharkivskyi, Software Engineer | Frontend в Cloudbeds

I have been working in the company for about two years and have to say next: during this time I didn’t find any reason not to stay here. But there are many advantages and positive aspects. Therefore I will describe only them.
First of all, it is professional and friendly team. The high communication сulture and non-conflict of employees are noticeable at once. The high level of professionalism and cooperation of my colleagues allows me to grow fast as specialist with them. Company management always in touch and assistance, well-organized workflow.
There are great opportunities for professional evolution. New ideas and technologies are permanently being implemented. Technologically, the company never stands still
An absolute advantage is the remote work schedule as well as high salaries. Well, the icing on the cake is a paid leave. In general, the company evokes only pleasant emotions and a desire to work on!


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