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Дублін (Ірландія), San Diego (USA), São Paulo (Brazil)

27 липня 2019 20:40

Steven Pribilinskiy, Sr. Frontend Engineer в Cloudbeds

It’s almost a year since I joined the Cloudbeds family in a position of Senior Frontend Engineer and enjoy every single day working here. The management of the company does a very good job to make employees happy. I still remember how amazing was the onboarding experience. I was concerned about the lack of communication but in the end I have much more chats and face-to-face video meetings than in my former office job. There are > 250 employees in the company and each and every one is very knowledgeable, responsive and ready to discuss any topic.

The workflow is constantly evolving leveraging best agile practices to make users of our products satisfied by early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Here I can grow every day professionally and headed to achieve my personal S.M.A.R.T. goals. Looking forward to meet new teammates as the company is continously expanding ;)


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