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Дублін (Ірландія), San Diego (USA), São Paulo (Brazil)

17 травня 2019 10:36

Daria Brusenska, Product Support Coordinator з 2019 року

I’ve been working at Cloudbeds for almost 3 years and so far it’s the great experience and definitely one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I have started as Customer Support Coach and moved to Product team as Product Support Coordinator. There are plenty of ways to grow in this company, it’s interested in having you “on the right place” and managers are paying attention to how satisfied you’re with your tasks.
Although the job is remote, the communication and projects are well organized. Some processes can be improved, some should be built from scratch but anyone can suggest an improvement not depending on status or position — the managers are always very positive about new ideas and any kind of feedback.
As the company is growing very fast, new tasks and sprints are coming constantly but it’s more about challenge than pressure.
The company’s key idea is #remotefirst which not only allows to work and travel but to hire professionals all over the world making the company really multicultural: you can have a meeting with people from 10 different countries sharing news with different views on background. While working here you’ll definitely meet new friends whom you may visit. Team members are very friendly and ready to help from the first day of job.


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