Clearmove is a fast-growing technology company, with a headquarter in London, UK, and offices across the globe. We support global enterprises and governments with our software solutions and global supply chain to manage their international assignees and business travelers. Clearmove creates tech infrastructure for the global mobility industry.
23 июня 2021

Technical Leader (NodeJS/React)


Необходимые навыки

At Clearmove we love what we do. That’s why we are looking for a person who is passionate about technology and is eager to learn all day long. Responsibility, proactivity, and honesty are must-haves. If you enjoy working in a team and respect people the same way we do, you’ll be a perfect match for our band.

Technical skills — must have:
• 5+ years in commercial software development
• Experience in initiating, changing, or selecting architecture solutions
• TypeScript hands-on experience at least 1.5 years (creating advanced types, decorators, TS4+, understanding of compilation processes)
• NestJS
• React 16+, Redux
• PostgreSQL, Redis
• GraphQL, Apollo
• Docker

Будет плюсом

Technical skills — desirable:
• Experience with React Native
• Experience with one of the ORM (ideally TypeORM)
• Experience in building CI/CD pipelines (ideally GitLab CI)
• Experience with monorepos, Lerna
• Experience in applying code-quality tools (lints, cpd, tests, etc.)
• Experience in e2e testing will be a huge plus
• Experience with AWS


If you choose our company, you’ll join the process of creating a unique product that will become increasingly important worldwide.

We offer:
• Long-term cooperation
• Usage of the latest technologies in web and app development
• Professional development and learning support
• Flexible working hours
• Speaking clubs with native English speakers
• Team building activities

But most importantly, you will be able to:
• Gain management skills and experience in developing the next generation of software engineers
• Broaden your abilities by having a diverse range of interesting tasks: we are simultaneously developing 3 platforms for 3 groups of users
• Constant engagement in the team to make you feel integrated (stand-ups, meetings, groomings, AMAs, speaking clubs, etc)


As an Architect/Technical Leader you will be responsible for:
• Overseeing the current and future state of product architecture, engineering practices, methodologies;
• Hire, onboard, and retain engineering talents in the organization;
• As part of the full-stack dev team you will be hands-on coding on a different part of the new functionalities;
• Update existing functionality;
• Allocate places that need to be refactored, and perform refactoring;
• Participate in dev team processes improvements, suggest best-fit solutions regarding code, technologies, processes, etc.

О проекте

Clearmove creates tech infrastructure for the global mobility industry.

Our software consists of 3 platforms: for the HR department, for assignees/business travelers, and for the partners/service suppliers. They are joined under one ecosystem to give our customers the best experience. We use a modern approach in product development, such as monorepo with the latest technologies (React Native and React Native Web, NestJS, RxJS, etc), BDD-driven development, and atomic design in UI.

Follow the link to see how our product looks like:​m_source=ig_web_copy_link

This is a unique opportunity for you to develop software that will improve globalization and be at the forefront of the future. Make the future, don’t follow it! Join us today!