15 вакансій

  • 1 грудня 2023
    We are looking for an experienced, qualified and responsible lawyer, who will become a member of our legal team.
  • 1 грудня 2023
    Key Account Manager Варна (Болгарія)
    The Key Account Manager, will play a crucial role in the iGaming project. Responsibilities include negotiating with game providers, fostering strong customer relationships, and serving as the main contact for expertise.
  • 1 грудня 2023
    iGaming project manager Варна (Болгарія)
    We’re creating a specialized position focused on overseeing game testing, release processes, documentation preparation, task assignment for creative development, tournament preparation, promotional activities, terms writing and approval, and comprehensive reporting to providers...
  • 1 грудня 2023
    Influence marketing manager Варна (Болгарія)
    As an Influence Marketing Manager, one is responsible for creating and managing influence strategies to promote the company’s products or brand. Company Overview: Welcome to CLARYFI!
  • 1 грудня 2023
    Affiliate Team Lead Варна (Болгарія), віддалено
    As an Affiliate Team Lead, you will be responsible for managing our growing affiliate marketing team. You will oversee all aspects of the program including recruitment, tracking, engagement and results.
  • 29 листопада 2023
    HR People Partner Варна (Болгарія)
    As an HR People Partner, you play a key role in supporting management teams to achieve HR effectiveness and implement strategic change within the organization.
  • 28 листопада 2023
    Head of Marketing Варна (Болгарія)
    As a Head of Marketing , you will be the mastermind behind our journey, responsible for shaping and executing marketing strategies at every stage of our company’s evolution. Your primary mission is to drive customer acquisition, leveraging a multi-faceted approach!
  • 28 листопада 2023
    Product Analyst Варна (Болгарія), віддалено
    As a Marketing Product Analyst you will play a key role in the intersection of product development, marketing, and sales.
  • 27 листопада 2023
    SEO Specialist Варна (Болгарія), віддалено
    As an SEO Specialist, you will increase the efficiency of work with SEO tasks. The position involves supporting search engine optimization efforts for a company’s website.
  • 27 листопада 2023
    Product Manager Варна (Болгарія)
    Product Manager will be responsible for the development and management of igaming product. You`ll ensure the successful implementation and optimization of igaming product, as well as manage its life cycle. Relocation to Varna, Bulgaria is obligatory. Welcome to CLARYFI!
  • 27 листопада 2023
    Affiliate Manager Варна (Болгарія), віддалено
    Affiliate Manager coordinate all aspects of affiliate programs and complete tasks such as detecting growth opportunities, keeping in touch with affiliates, developing budgets, running tests to optimize affiliate sales, training staff on affiliate management, and organizing...
  • 9 листопада 2023
    Product Designer UX/UI Варна (Болгарія)
    As a UX/UI Product Designer, you will play a critical role in shaping the user experience, from initial concept to final product implementation. Your work will have a significant impact on user satisfaction, engagement, and overall product success.
  • 9 листопада 2023
    Head of Affiliates Варна (Болгарія), віддалено
    As a Head of Affiliates, you will Lead the Affiliate Partnership Team, plan, identify, design, and implement a strategy to drive growth in the Affiliate business vertical. The role will involve managing the scheduling, supervision, and closure of a business deal, etc.
  • 6 листопада 2023
    Senior PHP Developer віддалено
    The PHP Developer will be engaged in the development of new software modules and refinement of existing ones on a modern stack.
  • 2 листопада 2023
    Head of Sportsbook Варна (Болгарія)
    We’re embarking on an exciting journey to launch a new brand, and we’re in search of a visionary Head of Sportsbook with the tenacity to establish a Sports Betting department from the ground up! This role requires a mandatory relocation to Bulgaria. Welcome to CLARYFI!