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13 февраля 2018

Expert JavaScript (Angular.js) Developer for CS (Kharkiv) (вакансия неактивна)


On behalf of Ciklum, Solutions JS Team, we are looking for an Expert JavaScript (Angular.js) Developer to join our Kharkov team on full-time basis.

Our client is a legendary company, which was at the origin of the telecom in several countries on several continents. It is the global leader that provides its solutions to telecom operators and both private companies and governments of several countries.
Our Ciklum development team is a part of big international team that develops Number Portability Suite. This Suite already helps millions of users in dozens of countries to reduce costs of communication and simplify work with both mobile and landline phone services. The customer is interested in gradual upgrading of existing Suite using modern technologies and providing interface aligned with modern trends in User Experience.

eTOM contains the most complete description of the Suite core functionality:
The Manage Number Portability process is responsible for receiving, managing and tracking number portability requests issued by customer orders or a third CSP. The number portability process allows the execution of different types of portability such as Port In, Port Out, Port Over and Retirement from Number Portability. Responsibilities of these processes include, but are not limited to:
• Issuing and reception of number portability requests
• Modifying number portability request status
• Validating number portability requests
• Modifying or canceling open number portability requests
• Undertaking necessary tracking of the execution process
• Adding additional information to number portability request
• Reporting the completion status of number portability request
• Receiving portability requests from a third CSP
• Scheduling number portability request
• Managing the communication flow with Number Portability
• Implementing business rules
• Implementing regulatory policies
• Determining the number portability feasibility

· Maintain modern interfaces;
· Contribute ideas through your knowledge of evolving front-end technologies;
· Communicate with developers, designers and customers;
· Perform technical assessment of UI mockups/wireframes to ensure the possibility of their implementation within reasonable time;
· Be a part to a positive and fun team environment.

· Demonstrated experience in building Web applications using JavaScript libraries like AngularJS framework;
· As a JavaScript developer you should know JavaScript and be passionate about it, and you should have at least 4 years of commercial experience;
· Experience with AngularJS 2.0 is a must;
· Experience with TypeScript;
· Comprehensive JavaScript development skills, including ECMAScript 6+ language features;
· Knowledge of build tooling such as npm, gulp, Webpack;
· Experience with unit testing and development processes like TDD / BDD;
· You know how functional programming works, OOP not just three letters for you;
· You know how to create modular and testable code.

· Experience in building Web applications using technologies like HTML5/CSS/Bootstrap, JSP;
· Experience with AngularJS 4.0 would be a plus as solution will be based on v 4.0
· Experience with modern MV* frameworks;
· Emerging web standards such as web components, shadow DOM;
· Experience with CSS precompilers like SASS/SCSS or LESS;
· Familiar with UX concepts such as Information Architecture;
· Experience with GIT;
· JIRA, Confluence usage experience.

Personal qualities:
· Diligent, responsible, communicative, proactive;
· Good team player;
· Willing to improve professional knowledge.

What’s in it for you?
· Career growth opportunities;
· Realization of your innovative ideas in building new Ciklum Solutions and Services;
· Friendly collaborative teams and enjoyable working environment;
· Professional skills development and training programs;
· Variety of knowledge sharing, training and self-development opportunities;
· State of the art, cool, centrally located offices with warm atmosphere which creates really good working conditions;
· Opportunity to have a business trip.

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