21 вересня 2022 14:20

Oksana Danilyuk, QA в CIGen

I have been working at CIGen for a year as a QA.

This is the best company I’ve ever worked. You can see why here:

First, work-life balance is important to me. The management of the company contributes to this in every possible way.

Secondly, people. I don’t know how it was possible that there are no toxic people in the company! All the guys are same in values, talented and diversified. The atmosphere is really supportive and friendly, colleagues are always ready to help. The company’s weekly meetings are always a positive charge for the week.

Thirdly, professional growth. The company has many first-class specialists. The projects themselves help to develop and learn new things constantly, in addition, the company encourages the growth of each specialist.

Fourth, the company is international. And this means that English is used daily and a lot, and not from time to time. In addition, the company has its own English teacher. Taking this opportunity: Yulia, thank you for the lessons, you always charge me with optimism and love of life, besides, my English level has improved fantastically this year.

Fifth, empathic and human management. It seems that this is the whole secret of what I described above.

Thank you, CiGen, that we can grow up together:) I am happy that I have the opportunity to work at CIGen!


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