22 квітня 2022 12:08

Denys Mandryk, UI/UX Designer в CIGen

This is a great place to work. I’ve been working here for half a year and I am completely satisfied.

Young, passionate, and cool team, people are always supportive, polite, and friendly.
What I really like is that I have an opportunity to work with people from different countries around the world on various projects, it helps me to improve my hard and soft skills and grow as a specialist.

The company has a new, modern office in L’viv city, but we can work remotely as well it is up to everybody. Comfortable schedule, there are no strict hours, no rush, it is just your work that has to be done. I love the feeling of managing my own time, with no pressure, so it means that productivity is high.

I would like to mention that the company has many more advantages, but as for the disadvantages, I did not notice them.

I am grateful to CIGen for everything and totally recommend this place of work for everyone.


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