14 квітня 2022 14:11

Maria Orynchak, Retention manager в Favbet

Personal reviews reflect the company culture, attitudes and values, so here we go. I joined the company in September of the last year and the good feeling that I belong here, surrounded by like-minded people is still vivid.

What I really like is that you are 100% flexible to work from home or visit the office occasionally and adjust your working hours. Being remote most of the time I don’t feel lonely or discouraged. They are always ready to hear you and support you in new beginnings.

— The great thing is that even introverts can easily blend into the team.
— The worst point is that I can’t see teammates and share the daily news over a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen because corona restriction didn’t bring a full chance to it.

Truly saying, I would recommend this company to upskill yourself as an individual and as a techie person as well.


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