23 квітня 2021 11:42

Vadym Boitsov, UX/UI Designer

I’m working as a UX designer for almost a year now in the company, and I absolutely love it:)

A flexible working schedule with aiming towards results — is one of the most important criteria to me which company passing easily. The environment is really friendly and I can always expect easy communication with anyone in the team. Besides that, there are enough various activities which make presence also fun.

Among the company’s directions, is working towards emerging technologies like AR/VR, and that’s is super cool. Also, the company is always welcoming everyone to bring any comments or ideas on how to improve something, which allows you to be a real contributor to the company’s growth.

Thanks CiGen for being such a nice place to work:)


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Thanks Vadim, we are lucky to have you in our team! 💙