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I’ve been with the company for a year, but the time has flown by. I immediately got on a project with an international team where I till now. Colleagues are very professional, great and funny people, both in the team and in the whole company. With patient support and mentoring by my teammates in new for me project, I got down to work very quickly.

I can tell for sure that the company, as they told me at the first interview, is a small but very friendly family)

CiGen is not just a company. It’s like big company of friends or even family. I haven’t seen such synergy in IT companies. And weekly meetings with greetings for newcomers, birthday wishes and just discussions of really interesting topics in the IT industry and also other areas of life makes the working process comfortable and cool. I’m really glad to be a part of the team.

Підтримали: Yuliia TutetskaPolina Zhyliaieva

CIGen is a great company that I have been working for 14 months. There are prospects for growth and development. I have managed to take part in several projects. If you want to develop, the company will help you with this. Here I enjoy working with challenging tasks in a truly agile environment! I can especially note freedom and trust from management, highly experienced and supporting team members, flexible schedule, and fast-moving growth.

Підтримали: Yuliia TutetskaPolina Zhyliaieva

Friends, CIGen is the miracle. It is the company, created by people, for people. This is the place, where you would feel that someone really cares about what you say and how you feel. The staff is friendly and highly professional. You will always find some matching interests with every member of CIGen team. The co-founders are aimable, always trying to understand and support.
I am happy and proud to be the part of CIGen team!
Thank you!

I have been working as a resource manager at CIGen for 3 months as a RM.
During this time, I managed to feel the friendly atmosphere of the team and mutual respect. I see the owners concern for the development of professional and personal qualities of employees and the creation of a comfortable working atmosphere.
Separately, it is worth noting our weekly meetings for the whole team — because it is always fun and interesting, you will never guess what Yulia will come up with next time)
I am happy to be part of the great CIGen team!

I have been working at CIGen for a year as a QA.

This is the best company I’ve ever worked. You can see why here:

First, work-life balance is important to me. The management of the company contributes to this in every possible way.

Secondly, people. I don’t know how it was possible that there are no toxic people in the company! All the guys are same in values, talented and diversified. The atmosphere is really supportive and friendly, colleagues are always ready to help. The company’s weekly meetings are always a positive charge for the week.

Thirdly, professional growth. The company has many first-class specialists. The projects themselves help to develop and learn new things constantly, in addition, the company encourages the growth of each specialist.

Fourth, the company is international. And this means that English is used daily and a lot, and not from time to time. In addition, the company has its own English teacher. Taking this opportunity: Yulia, thank you for the lessons, you always charge me with optimism and love of life, besides, my English level has improved fantastically this year.

Fifth, empathic and human management. It seems that this is the whole secret of what I described above.

Thank you, CiGen, that we can grow up together:) I am happy that I have the opportunity to work at CIGen!

I have been working at CIGen for a year and a half: a year as a QA, now as a sourcer.

There is an open and supportive atmosphere at the company. I came after the course, and there were always people ready to give a piece of advice and help. Managers are tactful and understanding, ready to listen and consider your point of view.

I like the international atmosphere, lots of opportunities to practice English. A lot of interesting activities, online-and-offline corporate parties, gifts for the holidays)) And when I got into a critical situation, the management reacted very humanely and showed support and assistance in every possible way.

I’m happy to have a chance to work at CIGen!❤️

This is a great place to work. I’ve been working here for half a year and I am completely satisfied.

Young, passionate, and cool team, people are always supportive, polite, and friendly.
What I really like is that I have an opportunity to work with people from different countries around the world on various projects, it helps me to improve my hard and soft skills and grow as a specialist.

The company has a new, modern office in L’viv city, but we can work remotely as well it is up to everybody. Comfortable schedule, there are no strict hours, no rush, it is just your work that has to be done. I love the feeling of managing my own time, with no pressure, so it means that productivity is high.

I would like to mention that the company has many more advantages, but as for the disadvantages, I did not notice them.

I am grateful to CIGen for everything and totally recommend this place of work for everyone.

Personal reviews reflect the company culture, attitudes and values, so here we go. I joined the company in September of the last year and the good feeling that I belong here, surrounded by like-minded people is still vivid.

What I really like is that you are 100% flexible to work from home or visit the office occasionally and adjust your working hours. Being remote most of the time I don’t feel lonely or discouraged. They are always ready to hear you and support you in new beginnings.

— The great thing is that even introverts can easily blend into the team.
— The worst point is that I can’t see teammates and share the daily news over a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen because corona restriction didn’t bring a full chance to it.

Truly saying, I would recommend this company to upskill yourself as an individual and as a techie person as well.

I’m working as a UX designer for almost a year now in the company, and I absolutely love it:)

A flexible working schedule with aiming towards results — is one of the most important criteria to me which company passing easily. The environment is really friendly and I can always expect easy communication with anyone in the team. Besides that, there are enough various activities which make presence also fun.

Among the company’s directions, is working towards emerging technologies like AR/VR, and that’s is super cool. Also, the company is always welcoming everyone to bring any comments or ideas on how to improve something, which allows you to be a real contributor to the company’s growth.

Thanks CiGen for being such a nice place to work:)

Thanks Vadim, we are lucky to have you in our team! 💙

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