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23 травня 2022

Computer Vision Senior Engineer (вакансія неактивна)

Львів, Дніпро, віддалено


  • MS/PhD degree in computer science or related field;
  • Deep knowledge and proven practical experience in a relevant field of research, such as machine learning, computer vision;
  • Solid Experience architecting and developing AI and machine learning applications;
  • Strong understanding of machine learning algorithms and deep networks;
  • Experience with some of the well-known neural networks architectures such as Yolo/SSD, MobileNet, U-Net, Hourglass, RetinaNet, R-CNN-based architectures;
  • Strong knowledge in machine learning fundamentals i.e. regression models, decision trees, naïve Bayes, clustering algorithms (k-means, DBSCAN, SOM), dimensionality reduction (PCA, t-SNE) and a good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of specific approaches. A good foundation in basic statistics and linear algebra;
  • Strong knowledge in classical computer vision fundamentals i.e. OpticalFlow, HOG, feature detection algorithms, Hough Transform, Homography, Morphology, Denoising/Deblurring, and image processing algorithms;
  • Strong Python knowledge;
  • Strong practical experience with DL/CV frameworks like OpenCV, PyTorch, Tensorflow, MXNet or Keras;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Python data analyses ecosystem (Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, etc.);
  • At least minor experience with python visualisation tools (matplotlib/seaborn, Plotly);
  • Understanding state-of-the-art CV approaches for problems like object detection/tracking, video analysis, semantic segmentation, pose estimation, optical character recognition;
  • Experience with lightweight web-frameworks for DL methods exposing, like Flask and Dash;
  • Upper-intermediate level of English mandatory.

Would be a plus:

  • Experience with C++;
  • Experience with the following modern neural network architectures: LSTM and other RNN-based, Transformers(BERT, etc.);
  • Familiarity with time-series predictive/anomaly detection analyses, natural language processing, signal processing;
  • Understanding SOTA approaches for machine learning problems like unsupervised / semi-supervised learning;
  • Experience with the following frameworks: DLib, Darknet, Theano;
  • Awareness of the CRISP-DM process model;
  • Experience with continuous integration and release management tools, preferably within the AWS platform;
  • Experience with versioning and control system for experiment conduction, like DVC and so on;
  • Hands-on Experience with the common architecture of MLOps system by the means of Hadoop, Docker, Kubernetes, cloud services and experience with managing production ML lifecycle.

With us, you can:
Develop your technical knowledge:

  • Use the latest technologies;
  • Participate in technical events and conferences (the cost is covered by the company);
  • Regular techtalks and professional development.

Improve your soft skills:

  • Build strong teamwork skills and become an essential part of the dynamic teams;
  • Improve your English in classes and speaking directly with clients;
  • Increase your productivity and communication level via Scrum, Kanban, Agile methodologies.

What else do we offer?

  • Competitive compensation and benefits;
  • Flexible and negotiable schedule;
  • Nice and comfortable office;
  • Covered rest period (20 business days);
  • Free English classes (we have 4 teachers in our team)
  • Truly friendly atmosphere