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29 жовтня 2021

NLP Engineer (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Харків, Дніпро, Запоріжжя, віддалено

Необхідні навички

— Strong knowledge and practical experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP) area, i.e. TF-IDF, word embedding, Word2vec, Transformers, BERT;
— Good knowledge in machine learning i.e. clustering algorithms, dimensionality reduction (PCA, t-SNE). A good foundation in basic statistics and linear algebra;
— Strong Python knowledge;
— Comprehensive knowledge of the Python data analyses ecosystem (Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, etc.);
— At least minor experience with python visualization tools (Matplotlib/Seaborn, Plotly);
— Strong practical experience with NLP frameworks: fastText, spaCy;
— Experience with following neural network architectures: LSTM, GRU and other RNN-based, XLM-RoBERTa
— Strong practical experience with Deep Learning frameworks like PyTorch, MXNet, TensorFlow, or Keras;
— Intermediate level of English.

Буде плюсом

— Experience with R, C++;
— Familiarity with time-series predictive/anomaly detection analyses, natural language processing, signal processing;
— Understanding SOTA approaches for machine learning problems like unsupervised/semisupervised learning;
— Experience with the following DL frameworks: DLib, Darknet, Theano;
— Awareness of CRISP-DM process model;
— Experience with continuous integration and release management tools, preferably within the AWS platform;
— Hands-on Experience with the common architecture of MLOps system by the means of Hadoop, Docker, Kubernetes, cloud services and experience with managing production ML lifecycle.


Develop your technical knowledge:
— Use latest technologies
— Participate in technical events and conferences (the cost is covered by the company)
— Regular techtalks and professional development

Improve your soft skills:
— Build strong teamwork skills and become an essential part of the dynamic teams
— Improve your English at classes and speaking directly with clients
— Increase your productivity and communication level via Scrum, Kanban, Agile methodologies

What else do we offer?
— Competitive compensation and benefits
— Flexible working schedule
— Remote work or work in one of our development offices
— Covered rest period (20 business days+ 5 days-off)
— Professional growth: a variety of projects, regular technical events, mentorship.
— Free English classes (we have an amazing English teaching team)
— Speaking-club with a native English speaker
— Truly friendly atmosphere and teambuilding

Про проект

The RPA solution for the worldwide company offers industry-leading shipping services, including transportation, warehousing, distribution, custom brokerage, and logistics management solutions.
CHI Software provides the RPA solution based on Machine Learning, Natural language processing, Computer Vision and Optical Character Recognition that replaces human labor in the workflow. The system allows separate incoming documents, upload one-page documents as scanned images, determine their type by checking the established set, extract text from predefined page fields, detect the signatures (if they are provided), recognize the QR codes.