Founded in 2013, CEX.IO is an ecosystem of interconnected cryptocurrency products serving the needs of a broad range of cryptocurrency industry participants, from retail to enterprise.
20 мая 2021

Middle .NET Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, удаленно


— 90% developing new features in API services using C#
— 10% developing new features in API binding libraries using Dart
— write quality code
— write technical documentation in MarkDown files
— track your task inside JIRA
— meet/resolve blockers by code review
— push your work into GitLab
— test your implementation yourself before pass it to QA guys


— experience in C#
— understanding what is RESTful API, how to develop and use it
— little experience in SQL

Would be a plus:

— ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core
— PostgreSQL
— Redis
— RabbitMQ
— Docker
— WebSockets
— NodeJS
— Dart, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python
— Flutter, AngularDart, React, Vue.js
— GitLab CI/CD
— Kubernetes

Check yourself before check-in to an interview:

— collect a few GOOD and a few BAD examples of any public API. Answer a question: Why the API is GOOD/BAD?
— imaginate you have 100k text files packed with gzip (like: 1.txt.gz, 2.txt.gz, ... 100000.txt.gz) on your Linux/macOS system. Can you write single shell row to find all files which contains a text “32KbA3onYWdRu5vEQNk86c3xccEeLebBmp”?
— let said, I’ll write a some simple math function like: y=x^2. Can you draw, by hand, an example of a chart produces by the function?
— as you can know, your computer is always executing programs as long as powered. Can you explain me, as newbe, what applications is executing on your computer from power on button press moment till OS welcome screen is loaded?
— let said, my laptop has original AC/DC Adapter with output 19V/7.37A(140W). Can I safely connect another AC/DC Adapter with output 19V/10.53A(200W)? (in case my original adapter is broken)
— please, read about Bitcoin-like blockchains internal structure. Answer a question: What is UTXO and how it works?

We offer:

— pumping your skills in any/all of languages C#, Dart, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python,
— pumping your skills in any/all of ASP.NET Core, AngularDart, Flutter, NodeJS,
— pumping your skills in any/all of Docker, DevOps, Kubernetes, GitLab CI/CD,
— 100% Health Insurance coverage;
— annual 18 working days vacation;
— fresh fruit and other snacks onsite;
— friendly team with start-up atmosphere .

Our mission is to guide people into the world of an open financial system in a regulated way. We welcome the diligence and careful investigation that regulation and licensing entail. Now, after our six successful years of experience in this business, more than 4 million people globally use services developed by the CEX.IO team. And this number grows daily.


Smooth and streamlined technical processes

— We use source control and continuous integration systems.
— We can push several updates in one day.
— We’re ready to deploy any product at the push of a button.
— We have a three-tier incident management system.
— We fix bugs before writing new code.
— Our specifications are written by humans, for humans.
— Our employees work with the best equipment.
— MacBook Pro and at least one 27″ display are guaranteed.

Comfortable and motivating work conditions

— a spacious office with sports zones, a fully equipped dining area, a terrace, and lots of extra facilities
— medical insurance, paid sick leave, drinks and snacks, English language courses, and more
— team building events, corporate events, semi-official parties, etc.