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CEX.IO LABS is an independent development centre that builds complex IT solutions and supports international projects for the FinTech and cryptocurrency markets. Our flagship project is CEX.IO, a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange serving the industry worldwide since 2013.
8 октября 2019

Junior developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— Fundamental knowledge of Computer Science
— Understanding of data network, ISO/OSI
— Basic understanding of cryptography, SSL/TLS/HTTPS
— Basic knowledge of Linux/Unix
— Good understanding of databases (e.g. SQL/NoSQL)
— Communication skills, ability to work in a team
— Higher technical education is a must

Будет плюсом

— Knowledge and experience with GOF/Enterprise/Architecture Patterns
— Experience with Node.js (connect/express) or Java projects
— Experience in WEB Front-end development (JavaScript)
— Experience with modern frameworks (Angular, React.js)
— Experience with VCS (GIT / SVN)
— Understanding of Encryption, SSL
— Understanding the concepts and experience with the message bus (RabbitMQ, etc.)


— Working for a product company — the results of your work are visible from day 1;
— Ability to work with experienced professionals and to develop your technical competencies on a day-to-day basis;
— Working with Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL;
— Full automation: git -> CI -> tests -> distribute -> deploy;
— Expertise in TDD, SDLC;
— Zero bureaucracy, maximum customer data security;
— Competitive salary (we teach Node.js for free as a bonus);
— Modern, comfortable office space in a convenient location (m. Pozniaky);
— Macbook Pro and at least one 27″ display.

О проекте

Our mission is to guide people into the world of an open financial system in a regulated way. We welcome the diligence and careful investigation that regulation and licensing entail. Now, after our six successful years of experience in this business, more than 3 million people globally use services developed by the CEX.IO LABS team. And this number grows daily.


Smooth and streamlined technical processes

— We use source control and continuous integration systems.
— We can push several updates in one day.
— We’re ready to deploy any product at the push of a button.
— We have a three-tier incident management system.
— We fix bugs before writing new code.
— Our specifications are written by humans, for humans.
— Our employees work with the best equipment.
— MacBook Pro and at least one 27″ display are guaranteed.

Comfortable and motivating work conditions

— A spacious office with sports zones, a fully equipped dining area, a terrace, and lots of extra facilities
— Medical insurance, paid sick leave, drinks and snacks, English language courses, and more
— Team building events, corporate events, semi-official parties, etc.