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We solve chaos and information asymmetry in real estate by building the cleanest and most 
complete real estate database with applications for professionals to organize the market into an efficient ecosystem to enable and accelerate deals in a transparent and safe environment.

By consolidating and professionalizing fragmented rental markets, we increase the availability of efficient and affordable living thus help investors and governments solve the housing and land crisis, achieve sustainability, equality, and better consumer protection.
Only exponential technologies and mindset can solve the persistent global grand challenge and bring a positive impact on the constantly accelerating world.

We are the only company that is focused on the exponential growth in real estate across multiple countries by using machine learning to
• collect and update hundreds of millions of data points from 30.000+ sources every day,
• develop infinitely scalable NLP data services in several languages,
• deduplicate listings of the same property with different prices and other information,
• build the biggest property sourcing platform in all asset classes to enable and accelerate deal flow for all real estate professionals, and real-time market analytics with instant property valuations with several interfaces (web applications, API, Excel, lead qualification widget).

Our applications are a painkiller for real estate professionals in all asset classes. With more than 1.500 companies and all the biggest brands being our clients, we form the biggest and most organised B2B ecosystem in real estate in Europe.

CASAFARI is operating in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal with offices in Madrid, Algarve, Lisbon and Kharkiv. Our investors are world’s leading funds that backed multiple unicorns.

The team consists of 250 people from 25+ countries.