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We bring transparency to the biggest industry in the world — the property market by building the cleanest and most complete real estate database in the world. CASAFARI is the only company worldwide that uses machine learning to
* daily collect and update millions of data points from thousands of sources every day,
* deduplicate and match listings of the same property sold by different agencies with different prices and square meter data,
* build real-time market analysis and property valuation.

Our applications serve the needs of all real estate professionals from agencies to banks, insurance companies, and private equity funds, and include metasearch with price comparison (like Skyscanner), daily market data feed (like Bloomberg Terminal), market analytics and online property valuation.

CASAFARI clients are the biggest brands in Spain, Portugal, Italy. We are expanding to more countries.

Our offices are in Lisbon, Madrid, Budapest, Kharkiv, with 80 people from 20+ countries.
For the exchange and to keep the same spirit, teams frequently travel between our HQ locations.

Join our team and help build the cleanest and most complete real estate database in the world!