31 июля 2018 23:50

Сергей Гливинский, CEO в QA Start Up

The first of all I want to notice that lessons are really effective and productive with teacher Oksana in Career English School. I have been cooperating with this school for 6 months, have private lessons and you know my English fluency has been increased definitely in terms of communication with foreign customers. Due to some rush routines stuff and business activities I do not have enough time for English practice. But online training with Oksana is a solution how to resolve such moments. Oksana is very attentive to details, can correct you as much as it is needed for your complete understanding of particular grammar or pronunciation rules. Only what I want it is to get more time and spend it for English practice with Oksana. So I would recommend lessons with Oksana without any doubts.
If you want to change your life and finally rising your English skills to the new level, just try to learn it with Career English School.
Thanks for knowledge.

Поддержали:  Oksana Skoromna


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