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Work in a product-oriented startup! Capitalise is hiring in Ukraine.

🌿 Who are the Capitalisers?
It’s a funded, fintech startup with an ambitious vision to unlock UK businesses’ full potential today by matching the right business to the right lender.

🥦 Where is the team located?
The team is fully distributed with offices in the UK and Portugal. And YES! they do love travelling and visiting teammates.

🤷 Startup? But my yoga teacher says 95% of them fail.
They have already passed the most critical time when startups tend to shut down. Capitalise was founded back in 2016 and closed series A in 2019. Also, they have won multiple awards and governmental grants. Now they are firmly scaling to reach more customers and fulfil their mission of building a sustainable business, supported by experts.

💚 How to become a part of the team?

The hard skills and experience matter, but cultural fit is the priority. It took a lot of effort to shape a positive vibe inside a growing team. Capitalise wants to keep the startup spirit inside the team and is working to carry on this atmosphere with new hires.

Question to YOU
Are you passionate about software engineering and seeing your products be used out in the real world?

✉️ Say YES, and send us your CV!