Cadeau Concepten

до 20 специалистов
Киев, Амстердам (Нидерланды)

Premium Cards Group — Cadeau Concepten BV is the market leader in gift cards in The Netherlands. We develop gift card concepts for every industry. We are active online, in retail and B2B. We work together with most major retailers and major supermarkets and more. Some of our products are,,,

We are rapidly growing product-oriented software company in Ukraine specialized on software development for Netherlands. We are highly professional team with abitious goals consist of young people that are very keen of new knowledge and experience. We are always strive for more: to use high-end descissions in development process, modern management tools, a processes that helps people educate, grow in their career and imrove personal qualities. We accept people of different expertise level and provide education program for junior programmers. The main factor is ability to think, learn and solve interesting and complex tasks. So if you are feel in sync with these words we’ll be glad to see you in our squad.

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