Cadabra Studio is a full-stack software development company with experience in UX/UI design for web and mobile applications, located in Dnipro, Ukraine.
7 вересня 2022

Back-end developer. Python (Flask) (вакансія неактивна)

Дніпро, віддалено від $2500

Страховий продукт, СRM система.
Клієнт — американська медична компанія.
Багато цікавих інженерних рішень, викоритовується спеціальний підхід до routing-задач, використано багато “плюшек” алхимії.

About project:
This is the development of a support system (healthcare platform) for companies providing equipment to hospitals in the United States.

What can be interesting for the developer:
The product uses many unusual engineering solutions: from service and resource-oriented building applications to pure abstract SQLAlchemy models. We use a special approach to the routing tasks along with many alchemy advantages are used.
There is no old legacy.
We offer a friendly professional team team, an old and kind client, a super team lead who likes unconventional solutions and isn’t afraid to put them into practice.

Position for the long term.

Must have:
• commercial experienced coder Python, Flask (2-4 years)
• expertise with SQLAlchemy ORM + alembic;
• expertise with RQ или Celery;
• expertise with PostgreSQL;
• validators Trafaret / Marshmallow;
• general knowledge in Nginx / gunicorn (uwsgi);
• ability to design, write clean code;
• English technical will be enough.

What will you be doing?
• understand the current code, architecture and functionality*
• start performing simple tasks and bug fixes*
• then fully engage in development as, perform various tasks, send code for code review, take part in meetings.

• flexible working hours in remote (But we also have an office in Dnepr. So you can come and work there if you need to);
• competitive salary for the local market;
• varied and exciting workin cool project and good team;
• lots of growth and learning opportunities;
• friendly team with good software engineering practices;
• project that you will get hooked upon instantly;
• minimum bureaucracy