We are c0×12c, a small team of elite Spartan digital mercenaries who specialize in providing top-notch technical expertise to meet your goals. Our name is inspired by hexadecimal (base 16), “12c” means 300 which is elite Spartan. This symbolizes our ability to offer the best experience in terms of product quality, customer service and overall experience. We’ve been referred to as an army of machines for our expertise in solving issues and troubleshooting problems, often on demand. Though most of our clients are corporations that have strict IT standards, we have also been hired by individuals and small businesses whenever they need us.

Our team of developers is well-versed with the latest and emerging technologies. You can hire onsite as well as offshore resources based on your requirements and budget. We have a versatile team of skilled developers including but not limited to back-end developers, DevOps developers, mobile app developers, and full-stack developers.

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