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We’re BUX, a tech company that is rocking the world of finance. By taking down all barriers and disrupting the trading experience, we’re helping new generations of first-time investors to discover the financial markets. We launched our first app back in 2014 and have welcomed over 1.7 million users across Europe since then. We’re now building a full-fledged stockbroker, in order to support multiple investment apps. In parallel we’re working on a second app. Our first app is mainly targeting short term traders, whereas the new app will offer long term investing. Our end goal is to offer a family of apps, catering to everyone who wants to do more with his or her money.

BUX culture

Our unique culture is just one aspect that makes us stand out from the crowd. We offer a supportive environment that encourages innovation and creativity whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle balance.

We’re a team of believers who share the same vision — we want to make an impact by changing the perception of the financial world. We make complex things — easy, boring — fun, limited to a few — accessible for everyone.

We’re proud to have a small and extremely skilled team with a flat structure. This environment inspires people to become better at their job and to collaborate. Everyone in the team shares a passion for improvement and experiments, decisions are not buried in a pile of emails but are more often made on the go.

Our work is always tightly connected with a challenge and you can always make an impact. It’s challenging to build new apps from scratch, to manage customer support during bitcoin rise, to create educational content which is also fun and to be disruptive in a highly regulated industry. We accept these challenges with a high level of responsibility and ownership.

We’re hungry for knowledge. Everyone at BUX feels that he’s growing, both personally and professionally. 10% of our working time is reserved for education, whether we attend conferences or learn new programming techniques.