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1 квітня 2024

Xamarin/MAUI Developer (iOS, Android, Part time)


Необхідні навички

C# 5.0+
5+ years of Xamarin/MAUI development
Xamarin Forms, MVVM
iOS and/or Android SDKs
RESTful API, Authentication (Basic, oAuth, etc)
iOS and Android deployment processes (manual, App Center, Google Console, App Store Connect, Test Flight)


Part-time contractual employment on a remote basis (40 hours/month)
Completion of the tasks at any time of the day/week.
Monthly salary in $ € £.

Про проект

Enterprise solution for businesses (financial analytics, audit, sending and paying invoices, integration with payment gateways/banks, document flow, accounting).

We need a part-time developer to perform tasks on a small application written in Xamarin.
This includes developing new functionality, supporting legacy solutions, testing, working with the app center, and deploying the app into production.

The workload may vary, from 1 day to 5 days a week, but the choice of days and time for work is determined by the developer — the schedule is flexible.

There is no stress, no hard-time speaking with customers, no daily meetings. We’ve been working on remote basis for over 8 years.

From the start, you’ll need to convert this project to MAUI. Next, support the product and implement any feature requests.

Please send us your CV.