Brushfam onboards businesses to Polkadot WASM by creating necessary infrastructure, auditing, and giving advisory to the development teams. Brushfam takes it’s history and expertise from, which is a founder of Brushfam. The mission is to bring the mass adoption, freedom to people through technologies.
27 червня 2023

Sales Manager B2B / Business Developer (вакансія неактивна)


Brushfam onboards businesses into web3.
We are looking for a Sales Manager / Business Developer who can sell complex and innovative products. Experience in IT biz dev/sales and online virtual services selling would be helpful here. The Sales Manager will do deal closing via online video calls, have a passion for CRM tools, and be proficient in working with social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, Element, and GitHub in terms of sales.

Products you will work with:

— technical audits
— technical advisory
— web3 onboard (we create tech solutions on blockchain for other businesses)

Brushfam onboards companies in web3, because we believe in benefits of decentralized internet, real ownership of the assets, and new economy models!

If you’re ready for new challenges with us, apply!

You will work with the full-cycle sales, starting from looking for clients and up to signing agreements. Our culture is about being responsible for the result, so daily obligations will be established by yourself.

Some generalized responsibilities are:
— Creating unique offers for the clients
— Reaching out to potential clients and holding calls
— Analyze data and trends to identify sales opportunities

We’re pretty flexible about your background, Brushfam is a stratup and our product is a tech solution for businesses that relies on web3 technologies. Thus, experience with selling services and unique products to b2b would be a plus.

However, there are some must-have qualifications:
— 1y+ experience in Sales/Business Development
— Successfully closed deals
— Proficient in English and Ukrainian

— Full-cycle sales skills
— Ability to identify real needs of customers
— Ability to conduct successful negotiations
— Excellent understanding of context
— Creativity
— Ability to work with numbers
— Stress resistant
— Empathic to people
— Proactive and self-managed

Salary and Benefits:
Vacations and sick leaves — sure thing. We offer here something special as well!

— Monthly salary: fixed part + flexible part (based on KPIs achieved) + bonus from sales
— Exciting challenges: think out of box and sell unique products
— Big deals: You are able to bring big deals and get big % from them
— Proactive team that helps you grow and supports you
— Cutting-edge web3 products, that will be game-changers, and you will be the part of it
— Attending conferences and events