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4 січня 2022

NodeJS developer (вакансія неактивна)


Необхідні навички

A team of friendly programmers is looking for a reliable back. We are without bad habits (but not always;)), with interesting projects and many years of development experience.

If you are an expert in Javascript and Node.js — come!

We are ready to tell everything we know in exchange for what you know :)
We cover the code with tests, do code reviews and follow best practices.

● 2+ years node.js
● Experience working with frameworks such as Express.js, Adonis.js, Next.js
● Mocha or other testing frameworks
● 2+ years of SQL, database design
● 2+ years MongoDB — like databases
● 2+ years of confident use of Git, Git-flow
● Good English

Буде плюсом

It will be cool
● Amazone infrastructure
● Continuous integration
● Amazon infrastructure


We offer

● Comfortable three-story office and home atmosphere inside.
● Full supply of work equipment and accessories.
● Homemade lunches.
● Volleyball court in the backyard of one of the offices.
● Buns (x-box, sweets, fruit, board games, table tennis).
● Our employees’ pets sometimes come to the office, which helps to be positive even in the most difficult days of deployment.
● Various corporate events and activities.
● Health care — massage in the office and the opportunity to consult with highly qualified doctors.
● Paid vacation and sick leave.
● Flexible schedule (try to enter the position of all employees).
● English language courses.


Your responsibilities:
Enjoy your work)