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The Product

Bringg is a cloud platform helping retailers and logistics providers to scale up and optimize their customer experiences and logistics operations.

We are the #1 unified delivery & fulfillment cloud solution to rapidly improve your delivery capacity, pickup services, and customer experience at scale.

Our mission is to help companies scale up and optimize their customer experiences and logistics operations.

Our cloud platform connects, automates and orchestrates supply chain technology, people and providers, making innovative delivery and fulfilment models accessible and valuable to everyone.

The Company

We are a hyper-growth, diverse and innovative tech company with a global presence and a shared mission: to help our customers create smarter logistics, faster deliveries, and of course happier people!

At Bringg, we continually aim to foster a synergized environment in order to work towards this shared mission. In order to thrive, we provide our Bringgsters with the platform for personal and professional growth, and ensure a collaborative can-do approach among teams, so that each and every single one of us can reach their full potential.

Life At Bringg

All Bringgsters, in all our offices, are currently working remotely. We have adjusted to the new work models, equipping our team to be successful working from home while maintaining strong global communication.

Once it’s safe, all Bringgsters will have the option of hybrid work, combining the best of working from home with office perks.

What Makes a Bringgster


Influence and make a true impact on millions of lives that are dependent on deliveries every single day, while you work in an organization that helps you contribute to people and the community, and most importantly to yourself.


Having awesome fellow Bringgsters who will open their zoom door (and their hearts, too) in order to help you push your limits and achieve success in everything you do.


Your growth and autonomy are our top priority — you are the CEO of your domain and we’ll give you the platform to thrive and conquer your potential.

Tecnological Stack

Bringg’s services are evolving with pure continious deployment practices where each feature is delivered to our customers right in time. This leads to necessity of high testing coverage level and DevOps culture.

Main technologies here are React and Node.js, both secured with the TypeScript. Variety of data storage sources let’s us connect data to our prosucts in a most effective and performant way.

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