We breathe life into your Software

Breeze Software — Software Developer with 19 years of experience for business and the public sector with a guarantee of results that automate work, increase profits and solve economic, environmental and social challenges. During this time, we have implemented more than 150 projects for 130 clients, and we are not going to stop there!

💻 Our Core Expertise:
✔️ Strategy and Consulting;
✔️ Prototyping and Design;
✔️ Software Development;
✔️ Support and Maintenance.

💻 Our Key Industries:
✔️ GIS;
✔️ Agritech;
✔️ Education;
✔️ Mill Tech;
✔️ Real Estate;
✔️ Fintech.

Our operational modalities encompass both outsourcing and product development, offering a versatile range of solutions to meet unique business challenges. Whether it’s bespoke software development or leveraging our own proprietary solutions, we are equipped to navigate the complex digital landscape, delivering value and fostering business growth.

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