Brander — українська студія мобільної та веб-розробки. Наша історія почалася у 2009 році з виходу на ринок амбітної юзабіліті-студії. Роки розвитку, набуття досвіду дозволили нам сформувати одні з кращих команд в дизайні, розробці та маркетингу.
2 квітня 2024

Project Manager (Web)


— At least 2-3 years of experience as an IT project manager;
— Knowledge of project development processes;
— Vast experience in web projects development (php, python, laravel, magento 2, drupal, wp — etc);
— Experience and detailed understanding of integrations with third-party systems (erp, crm, pim, etc.);
— Ability to treat “not understanding clients” with tolerance and loyalty;
— Ability to independently resolve disputes and conflicts if any arise;
— Basic knowledge of figma (the ability to quickly correct text, fonts, colors, etc.);
— Basic understanding of digital marketing;
— Result orientation.

Will be +
— If you have experience as a business analyst;
— Vast experience in mobile projects development (ios, android, flutter)
— If you have experience in developing native and cross-platform applications.

— Planning, organization, control of the project development process;
— Meet deadlines and project initial estimates;
— Develop technical documentation according to project requirements and coordinate with the client;
— Task assigning, making sure that the performer understands it clearly;
— Communication (verbal and written) with the client and the team members from the client’s side;
— Communication with the internal team;
— Defining and approving all requirements and results in writing with the client;
— Coordination of architectural issues on the project with the Tech Lead;
— Clear and full understanding of what the project is about.

You will get:
— Working with interesting tasks and advanced technologies;
— Fully remote work;
— Our company wants to cooperate with brave, talented and interesting people. We are ready to develop and improve our skills with you, learn from you, and share experiences.