4 січня 2022 15:47

Igor Filippov

Hi there!

It will soon be 10 years since I started my career 👔

Having worked in different fields and countries, I can say that I am very happy to be in my hometown Odessa again!
And much more than this, I am buoyed by joy to be at the wonderful company BramblingTech 🐦

I have a lot to compare with, and I had a lot to choose from. I’m a Salesman. And I decided to join Brambling because of the people.
Anyone you meet here is very talented, nice to talk to, well-mannered, educated, warm-hearted 🤗
If we talk about leadership, it’s hard to find better. The project managers are extremely competent and always explain everything in great detail.
The director is a true professional who cares about the company and supports each employee 🤝

The company is growing and evolving, and will achieve so much more in the very near future! 🤑


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