2 березня 2021 20:06

Dmytro Belko, Lead Marketing Specialist с 2018 года

BotsCrew is a place with a soul.
I spent here almost three years in marketing. Those years were not easy and pink all the time. As a young company, there are inevitably things that need attention. But BotsCrew always evolved. I’m grateful for being a part of the journey.

What stands out here is people and culture. This is one of the friendliest places you will ever found. If you’re looking to be surrounded by talented individuals, that’s the place to be.
Besides, if you are independent and ambitious, there will be enough opportunities to challenge yourself and grow.


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Dmytro, thank you for such kind words! We also wish you success in all your endeavors, we wish you to continue to challenge yourself and grow both: professionally and personally🚀