We are BotsCrew. We create chatbots to help brands create an amazing customer experience.

Our story begins with the hackathon in early 2016, where we created our first chatbot, won the hackathon, and fell in love with the idea of such a simple interface.

Since then, we have released more than 100 chatbots and more than 10 voice skills for FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Website, Google Home, Alexa, Bixby.

Our team has also grown from 3 people to more than 50 chatbot enthusiast working at BotsCrew now.

We happened to work with great clients from all around the world — from start-ups that raised more than 10M now to Fortune 500 companies. We worked with companies like Samsung NEXT, Mars, Virgin, BMC, and others.

What makes us different is that we are extremely passionate about what we do, and our main priority is customer success. We want our clients and our chatbots to be successful and bring value to the end-users.

To do that, we work with the clients on every step of the chatbot development journey — from idea, to design, development, marketing, and support.

We are a team of innovators and enthusiasts. We truly believe in and love what we do here at BotsCrew. We are also a team of dreamers, travelers, achievers, and friends.

Live. Dream. Achieve ... with BotsCrew 🚀

Let`s bot together!